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     As a busy career woman, I don't have the patience to come home and do all my cleaning, especially when I am tired. I just want to spend the little time that I have with my family and not play domestic goddess. One of my co-workers finally told me about Crofton Park Carpet Cleaning and I thank God for them. The cleaner is so friendly and all my family loves her.
     As a keen environmentalist I always try to use only eco-friendly products in my home and work place. I was faced with a challenge when I decided to employ a cleaner for my home as I would have to make sure that they use such products also. CroftonParkCarpetCleaners is an excellent eco-friendly cleaning company who proved to be the perfect choice for me. Their prices were no more expensive than others and I am very happy that I found them. They did a great job for me.
William Cox24/11/2014
     Our hairdressing salon is one of the best in the local area, and because of this, we only hire the best staff. We have a regular cleaner from CroftonParkCarpetCleaners who comes in to clean up after us, meaning that we can leave our staff to get on with the job they were employed to do - cut and style hair to the highest standard. The cleaners work hard, and are always friendly and polite to us, and work well as a team, sorting out the salon in what seems like a matter of minutes. Perfect service, perfect people.
Emma R.04/09/2014
     I'm very happy with the upholstery cleaners that I hired from CroftonParkCarpetCleaners. I was selling some old upholstered furniture but wanted it to look as good as it could so I looked online to find recommendations for local cleaning companies. This one was right in my price range and the quote they gave me was very accurate. The cleaner arrived when expected and got to work immediately - she even managed to get rid of stains that I've been battling with for months! The buyer of the furniture was very impressed too. I'll be calling again when my new upholstered pieces start to look a bit grubby around the edges!
Diane D.08/07/2014
     I started using CroftonParkCarpetCleaners after my friend recommended them to me, I never thought I need to use cleaning companies before but how wrong was I! You guys are amazing and I would never have the time, energy or know-how to get the house looking like this, if it were left to me. I used to just to my regular jobs as most people do but you guys go beyond that and do so much more, the jobs I hate doing such as cleaning the cooker etc is done regularly now and everything looks fantastic, thanks so much for everything you do!

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